What is GlassPanel?

GlassPanel was created so university marketing and admissions teams can spend less time dealing with data and more time acting on it.

It’s a single product that simplifies student prospecting by combining marketing and admissions in a way that's compact and self contained. It helps you collect, manage, and understand data so you can achieve your enrollment goals, make smart decisions, and save time and costs. Customized and flexible for you, it includes:

  • Student Inquiry Management 

  • Marketing Automation and Analytics

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • With over 50 features there’s much more to discover.
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As a multi-functional, university-specific product, GlassPanel overcomes challenges that separate systems cause:

  • Lack of clarity 

    When data gets stored in multiple places, it makes it difficult to report useful information and make informed decisions. 

  • Wasted brainpower

    Duplicate and out-of-date data creates time-consuming, manual tasks, forcing teams to divert effort from high-value activities.

  • Expensive, overly complex products

    Teams often have to buy, learn, and maintain multiple products with unnecessary features that universities don't use. 

Achieve enrollment goals 

Instantly connect with future students

Easy-to-audit, centralized student records

Mobile app for on-the-go recruiting

Make smart decisions

Always see real-time data

Customize ROI dashboards

Run projections based on historic data

Save time and costs

Reduce time on low-value tasks

A single interface for the team to share

One customizable product to buy & maintain

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